Acipenser is a distributor and exporter of fine foods located in Barcelona (Spain). Our specialities include caviar, truffles, Iberian and white pig products, and domestic sheep’s cheese.


Acipenser (sturgeon in Latin) was created in 2003 and in the same year it became a pioneer in the importation of caviar from Azerbaijan to Spain.


The political problems in this country interfered with exports and so from 2005 Acipenser became the exclusive Spanish importer and distributor for Caviar Kaspia (Paris, 1927), the most important importer-distributor of caviar in Europe.


Since 2006 Acipenser has also dedicated itself to the commercialization of fresh truffles (Melanosporum and Magnatum), which are primarily exported to France.


Over two years, Acipenser researched the relation between these two mythical gastronomic products and created a new product, Truffe Façon Caviar, literally truffle which looks like caviar. It was then patented, marketed and presented to the public at the 2008 Food Fair Alimentaria held in Barcelona.